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We fly is an aviation finance program created to provide an exceptional and affordable financing solution for all of your aviation dreams. We fly offers loan programs for all elements of aviation, including avionics upgrades, aircraft maintenance and flight training loans. In addition, you’ll find that by financing with a credit union you’ll receive individual attention and support at the most competitive rates.

Alex Martin
Aviation Program Manager



Do you want affordable? The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, or AOPA, offers a flex aviation loan for flight students of Aviator Training Center.

  • Private pilots license for as little as $100-200 a month for 84 months*

  • Instrument rating for as little as $120 a month for 84 months*

  • Multi rating for as little as $50 a month for 84 months*

Pilot Finance Inc

This program allows our students the option of financing their flight training for rates as low as $93 a month. Students can complete their program in a shorter time then they may have been able to without a financing option.  This is important because as most flight instructors will tell you flying regularly is one of the most important things you can do.  Flying regularly, in the eye’s of many instructors, is one of the best ways to keep your cost lower.