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How To Apply for TSA

We are happy to accept non-U.S. Citizens that comply with Transport Security Administration (TSA) regulations in to our flight training programs at Classic Air Aviation. All foreign students must participate in TSA’s Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) and must undergo a security threat assessment. Please follow the steps below if you are a foreign student:

Verify that you have an appropriate visa. TSA will deny your flight training request if you do not have the appropriate US visa. Please visit the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services website if you have questions on your visa status.

  1. Notify us that you are interested in beginning training and are applying for the AFSP.

  2. Create an account and complete the application for training on TSA’s AFSP website.

  3. Once Aviator Training Center has acknowledged your training request, TSA will require you to pay a nonrefundable processing fee.

  4. Await a “Preliminary Approval” email from TSA.

  5. Submit fingerprints to TSA per instructions emailed to you.

After submitting your fingerprints, TSA will consider your request and send an email notification to you and Aviator Training Center advising whether or not you have been approved. Once we receive the notification of your approval you may begin flight training! On your first day of training, we will take your photo and upload it to AFSP’s website, per TSA requirements. For more information, Contact AFSP at or (571) 227-1004.

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