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How to apply

For all New Students, simply call, apply online or stop by our office and we will sign you up for your first flight and get you started on your student license. As our customer and student, your needs come first. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Student Adviser to learn more about our programs and admissions please give us a call.

Financing Options

Our flexibility extends to how you pay for your training. Unlike most of the large flying schools, we don’t require you to pay for the entire program up front—we offer several payment options and you can pay after each lesson; lowering our student’s financial burden. We also offer a range of financing options, including loans from Pilot Finance Inc. (as little as $93/month) and the Flex Aviation Loan from AOPA, the Airline Pilots and Operators Association, which can cover Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Multi-Engine Rating with low monthly payments. As always, our mission is to help you achieve your aviation goals as quickly, easily, and affordable as possible


We’re open for flying 24/7 and work with each of our student’s availability. This means we don’t have set class start days or times. You can request a day to start and we’ll sign you up for that day. Also once you get started, you can choose the days and times each week that you want to fly—you have 100% flexibility, so you can work around your school, job, and/or family schedule. We do recommend that you fly at least 3 days a week to stay on track and on budget, but if once a month is all you can manage, we can accommodate that too. 

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